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Welcome Fusión Hispana Team!

At Omega Experiences we grow more and more every day and now we are very excited to have our first team ambassador, one of the best in the region, we are talking about Fusión Hispana.

This team, like us, wants to help drivers reach their maximum potential in the world of sim racing. Fusión Hispana is dedicated to developing new skills to fulfill its goal of being the best team in Latin America and becoming recognized worldwide as a competitive team.

Here we will tell you a little more about Fusión Hispana.


1. Tell us about Fusión Hispana. Tell us about yourself, Nixon Montero.

Fusión Hispana is a sim racing team founded by virtual driver, Nixon Montero. The team was born from the need to have a solid and organized structure to face high-level competitions that we did not have before, so we decided to structure our own sports organization.

I, Nixon Montero, am 38 years old and decided to join eSports 8 years ago due to the need to have a hobby or sport where I could grow up, have fun, or simply relax from daily work. I currently work as a warehouse assistant since I did not finish my university studies.

I currently dedicate a lot of time to sim racing because as a sport it seemed exceptional to me because of how competitive and dynamic it is, having to be very disciplined in practicing to improve.

Over time, sim racing as a branch of eSports became more than a hobby where I began to stand out as a pilot (driver) in my country Costa Rica, which led me to create my own organization of virtual pilots (drivers) that today is known as Fusión Hispana. Likewise, the team, due to the desire to continue growing, began to be recognized in Latin America.

Currently, I have set myself goals such as finishing my studies, learning the English language, and also guiding Fusión Hispana to be a professional team.

2. Can you tell us about your team’s perspective and achievements in sim racing, esports, and gaming?

I think that Fusión Hispana, in addition to the achievements it has earned in different competitions, one of the things that makes it special is the recognition that we have achieved within the sim racing community as a team. Where with few economic resources we have managed to be recognized as one of the best organized and structured teams in Latin America, becoming recognized as a strong team, where other pilots (drivers) can also grow regardless of their current level.

3. As an ambassador, what qualities do you think are essential to being a good driver in amateur and professional categories?

First, on the part of the driver, he must have the ability to be disciplined and constant in training, as well as the motivation to want to be better and exceed his own limits.

The driver also needs an organizational structure where he can gradually climb the steps which leads him to challenge himself as a driver. This applies to both professional and amateur pilots (drivers). A place where he can fully explore his abilities as a pilot (driver) is important.

4. What changes are you seeing in the motorsports industry and what is Fusión Hispana’s perspective on this?

The clearest change that has been seen in recent years is that younger drivers see sim racing as a gateway to the world of real motorsports and motorsports drivers already see sim racing as a means of training for their own motorsport careers. From Fusión Hispana's perspective, we see the importance of a team that can give its outstanding drivers the tools they need so that one day they can make that transition from virtual to real motorsports.

5. How do you stay updated with the latest trends and advancements in sim racing, esports, and gaming?

Undoubtedly, social media are the preferred means to keep us updated in addition to the professional help we have had from engineering professionals.

6. What is your vision for the future of sim racing and how does it align with Omega EXP?

Our vision is undoubtedly the transition from the virtual to the real - there are virtual drivers who stand out a lot and clearly may have a future in motorsports competitions. It is also where the Omega EXP is aligned where, through Omega, many of these outstanding drivers can have an opportunity in real motorsports.

7. How do you handle pressure and maintain professionalism in high-stakes sim racing competitions or events, especially as a team?

There is always a lot of training behind a team competition, not only where the sports part is trained - like how drivers prepare, but there is also the part on how the team prepares the set-up of the car and budget. Teams also prepare mentally so that the competition can give us great joy. Mentally the pilots (drivers) also prepare for a good or bad race.

8. What unique skills or perspectives do you bring to the table as a sim racing professional driver and team that is different from what else is happening in the region or industry?

The fact of having a growth structure where drivers must climb steps to be able to participate in competitions with other high-level pilots (drivers) makes us different. Our drivers start in an academy team with others who are evolving in order for them to reach the pilots (drivers) who are at a higher level through their own perseverance in training.

We can say that the teams are mostly made up of 5 or more friends who join Fusión Hispana. If you do not show your interest in growing as an athlete, you may not stay long on the team since we have the mentality of developing talent, not simply having people on the team.

9. What do you think every good sim racing team should have (especially to balance the needs of amateur and professional drivers)?

Without a doubt, every team should have an academy, either its own or outside the team, for the training of new talent.

It is also logical that the team must have financial support to be able to cover basic needs such as telemetry training that only an engineer can give, or the payment for tuning the cars so that the drivers can dedicate themselves to having more hours on the track and fewer hours in the set-up.

10. As ambassadors working with Omega EXP, what can we expect next?

We believe that increasing our presence on social media will be the key to improving our connection with our community. As Fusión Hispana is a well-known team already within the sim racing community, we look forward to working with Omega to collaborate on meaningful projects that will increase awareness of the sport and enhance professionalization in sim racing.

We hope to share what we are doing on the Omega Discord channel to communicate and increase knowledge of new projects that will be of interest to the community.

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